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After having had a good night sleep, I woke up with so much energy and was too excited just to sit in bed for awhile and relax. After getting ready for the day, I e-mailed Sophia with the subject line, “Good morning sunshine!” and in the e-mail, I wrote, “I’m up and all ready to […]

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Shanghai seriously has the worst smog I’ve ever encountered personally.  I thought Atlanta was the worst I’ve seen as I’ve seen haze while growing up there.  Seeing how noticeable the smog is really disheartens me because it not only affects the quality of the environment of our planet but also our health.  I should do […]

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I was coincidentally on the same flight from London to Shanghai as my flatmate from China, Wentig.  Wentig said to me at the airport, “You will get a lot of stares by the locals in many parts of China because they have rarely seen Westerners, but they are the nicest people you’ll ever met.”  I […]

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I really hate the first day of traveling overseas. I’m jet-lagged. I’m writing this note on my iPhone on the plane ride to Haikou from Shanghai. Please forgive me for typos. I’ve been going non-stop in London since I returned there last Saturday after a month long vacation at my parents’. I was cleaning out […]

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I am at the airport in Shanghai waiting to transfer to Haikou to see Sophia. More later…

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“When you travel, remember that a foreign country is not designed to make you comfortable. It is designed to make its own people comfortable.” – Clifton Fadiman Tonight, I was having a farewell dinner with my flatmates and a few other friends who have been living with me for the past year and many of them […]

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My aunt who reads my blog and saw the entry about Sophia’s dream to open a cafe and bakery, suggested that the cafe and bakery could be named “Good Fortune.”  This brought up a very interesting subject as the word, “Fortune” was mentioned. Well, I have to break the news.  Fortune cookies are rare in […]