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The train journey today was long and tough.  Just before I got on the first train for a long journey back to France, I was in a little panic about getting to my first stop which was in Pisa on time as I was going to have only thirty minutes to change the trains.  I […]

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I’m on the train, and I decided that I had to open up my computer to let the words out of my mind.  I will first admit that when I leave places where I truly had a wonderful time, I shedded some tears.  When I left Anais’ and the Maublancs’, I cried.  When I left […]

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There are always morals and lessons when I travel abroad.  The lessons and morals that I receive while traveling abroad are not only learning about cultural differences, but also life in general.  When I get on the plane to head to Europe, it’s like opening a new book to read and I’m ready to live […]

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Tuscany is a magnificent region.  There are lots of very rounded hills, beautiful cypress trees, and the buildings are just charming as they can be. We were heading for a big day tour to three cities in the Tuscany region – Montalcino, Pienza, and Siena. Montalcino is a gorgeous little village that is known for […]

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Jodi just wrote a blog on tonight’s event.  So, I need to do it too… Paotie, You need to kick Jodi’s butt big time… Here’s the story.  It goes like this: I’m at a random bar in middle of Grosseto.  “There’s a guy behind you…” Jodi pointed her finger to the direction that was behind me. I […]

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When I was in second grade, my teacher read a fascinating book to my class called, “The Best Mistakes Ever.”  This book was filled with stories about mistakes that became the greatest inventions or even a historical site.  Did you know that creating chocolate chip cookies is one of the best mistakes ever?  A woman […]

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Visiting little towns in Europe is always fascinating because I get to see the true life of the natives rather than just a basket full of tourists photographing.  I went to the center of Grosseto which was a neat little town.  Just like any towns, there is a beautiful Italian gothic cathedral in the center.  […]

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I just finished writing about my train adventures.  I also have videos to go along with that post, and as soon as I get a good internet access, I will upload them.  The internet that I’m currently using is a little slow. I will post today’s event tomorrow.  I just went to the beach again […]

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Learning about one country’s lifestyle is even more immeasureable when I visit a native’s home because I have the opportunity to learn about how the natives live their life.  Tonight I had the opportunity to visit Luca’s parents for dinner.  His mother is a real Italian chef who made true Italian dishes.  One thing I […]

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There are always so much to do in the evenings in Europe ranging from attending concerts and markets to hanging out at parties. We all headed out to a pizzeria place for some delcious pizza.  Pizza in Italy are extremely tasty as Italy’s known for its rich tomatos and mozzerellas.  I just got a plain […]