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Bungy Jump $165 Shotover Jet $109 Dart Jet $199 Skydive $299 (Prices in NZ dollars) These are just a few activities in one of the world’s biggest adventure city.  Sadly, my wallet was close to being empty.  However, I didn’t let my near-empty wallet stop me from having fun! Two women from Argentina relax on […]

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As the global warming continue to melt our precious planet, it is extremely imperative to view the glaciers, snow capped mountains, and all the natural wonders of our planet in order to be able to gain appreciation for caring our own environment.  Visiting the Fox Glacier in South Island was an experience that I absolutely […]

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Flocks of sheep dash across the field causing dust to leap into the air – an image that depicted the intensity and the speed of sheep running across the terrain.  Mountains ascend from the grassy field and a scintillating lake.  A herder watches the sheep being crammed into a small area surrounded by gates.  A […]

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There are very few places in the world that are just as special as Kaikoura, an area in the South Island.  This place is one of the few places where I would never get tired of going for an exercise walk.  Yellow grass adorns the landscape along with cylindrical haystacks.  Snow-capped mountains rest in the […]

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Rain splashes against the windows on the bus. Smoky like-clouds covering the sky cause a mood of dreariness and the feeling of not wanting to be adventurous.  It’s hard to imagine the majesty of New Zealand.  Unfortunately, we can’t control Mother Nature or create a powerful machine to change the weather.  Sometimes we need to […]

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Everybody knows that I absolutely adore turquoise!  It’s the color that causes immediate love at first sight.  I headed to a river that meets Lake Taupo.  The water was as turquoise as it could be.  I could not move my eyes away from the glamorous scene.  Right by the lake, people were leaping into the […]

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Yes, I do really mean “AWESOME” as if I’m happy!  As I was heading to Rotoura, the bus broke down in middle of the road.  Fortunately, I was only about a ten minute walk from the hotel.  While some people were not too thrilled as they had to get their rears off their seats,  I […]

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As I approached Rotorua, I began to feel as if I wanted to puke.  As the smell of rotten eggs wafted through the air, I wondered if there was a large dumpster for eggs.  Because I was feeling so sick and the need for fresh air, I looked on a map to see if there […]

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Hues of pinks, blues, and purples spark up in the sky causing me to think I was seeing an aurora.  The lake shimmers in various colors as if I was listening to a music clip with a music visualization.  I feel as if I was living inside a painting.  I’ve never seen scenery so beautiful […]

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Details to come soon…