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I stepped into this beautiful brown wardrobe.  Once I stepped into it, I entered into one of the most breathtaking land I’ve ever seen.  Blankets of snow are everywhere!  They’re white and shiny as they can be!  I was just on the magical land of Narnia! Of course, I was just using my imagination, but […]

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After a few days of gloomy weather, clouds finally shattered away to let the sun shine for the glorious drive that my parents and I took today to Whistler from Vancouver.  We took the Sea to Sky highway, and it’s most stunning and breathtaking drive I’ve been on besides driving through the Basque countryside in […]

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I’m standing in middle of a place that is packed full of food.  In one area, it’s packed full of fruits and vegetables.  The colors of the fruits and vegetables are absolutely stunning!  I gaze at a window that is filled with rows and rows of mouthwatering pastries that sit behind it.  Looking at these […]

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What’s the sweetest thing we can taste in Canada?  Chocolate?  Canada sure do have some sweet chocolates, but that’s not it!  Munchkin doughnuts with jelly?  That’s definitely very yummy, but nope! Hint*Hint!  Take a look at the Canadian flag! AHA!  There’s a maple leaf on the Canadian flag!  What can do with maple leaves? The […]

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What a lovely basket of rain Vancouver is getting!  Everywhere I go, I am in a raincoat and carrying an unbrella.  My hair that I just straightened that morning is curling away as I walk in the rain.  Vancouver is certainly known for getting a giant basket of rain.  Vancouver has been raining since the […]