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I don’t want to write this entry, but I feel the need to so that I can record my feelings for the sake of memories.  This past eight weeks lasted only a millionth of a second.  I have no clue how time flew by so fast.  It seems like it was just a few minutes […]

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There are some villages in Provence that are must to see again and again every time I revisit Provence, and Gordes is one of those villages.  Gordes is a village in the sky.  While it’s a typical village being perched on a cliff, it is a very unusual village because of the way it was […]

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Many works of art is created without an inspiration by another artist.  Artists at the Fondation Vincent Van Gogh in Arles is a perfect example as many works of arts displayed at this place depicts the obvious influences of van Gogh’s work.  When one holds up a painting of brightly colored brushstrokes painted in unique […]

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This blog post is a response to a tweet by @Journeywoman who wrote a tweet recently: “JW Tip of Day Put your camera down for a while. Now you can create travel memories in your mind.” I am going to copy and paste a comment that I wrote on Greenheart Travel’s blog entry on why […]

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“To be sure, the reproduced work of art is much more accessible.  Thanks to photographic technology, any schoolchild can see a pretty accurate picture of The Last Supper in a book or the Internet.   No expensive airfare or museum admission needed.  The reproduction democratizes art.” – Life Inc. by Douglas Rushkoff As an artist who […]

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Maison à Cordeville by Vincent Van Gogh

In spite of Provence being located south of Paris by nine hours car drive, there is a very close connection between these two areas.  No one can miss visiting Paris if they’re visiting Provence.  First of all, one can take the speeding bullet train, TGV, from Marseilles or Avignon to Paris within 2 and a […]

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When I was in Paris in 2006, I saw only ONE Starbucks in the entire city of Paris, and it was located right by la Défence.  Then, when I was in Paris last summer, I saw at least one Starbucks in each arrondissement.  However, this past recent trip to Paris was completely different.  I encountered […]

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While I have a background in art history, I’ve only studied yesterday’s works and some current works.  As an artist, it’s very important to have a well-rounded knowledge of art history so that I can understand the purpose of the concepts that exist in many works of art and why and how the concepts were […]

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Without any doubts, recording memories of traveling through Provence is a must.  Everywhere I go, there are always a breathtaking scenery – cliffs, mountains, and vineyards.  There is this particular route, from Lacoste to many places including Avignon, Isle sur la Sorgue and Fontaine de Vaucluse, that I can never forget.  I remember vividly the […]

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As I stroll through the city of lights, Paris, I glaze at the windows and admire the beautiful clothes displayed in the shop windows.  One store has a pair of boots dazzled with silver sequins and another has a red coat with beautiful ruffles and flowers and another has a magnificent gray skirt fit to […]