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A couple weeks ago, I sent off my US passport to the US passport office to renew it.  Even though my passport does not expire for another year, it was time to kiss to say goodbye because there was only one page left.  Instead of shelling out of a lot of money for additional pages, […]

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All throughout my life, I have traveled to NYC too many times to count.  It has been fun to roam in NYC again, but I have been reminded why I will never buy “I ♥ NYC” t-shirt. The city still needs to do a better job of cleaning up!  However, the city is certainly beautiful […]

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It took one family feud, a divorce, and a remarriage for us to find a hidden treasure box filled with much happiness, humor and fun.  We found the treasure box last October when one relative had a second wedding that reunited many family members together after having had little communication for years. Shortly after my […]

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As I headed from Vail to Moab, I watched the amazing transformation of the landscapes from the window of Michael’s Grand Cherokee Jeep.  Lush green mountains were everywhere in Vail.  They looked so stunning that I wanted to lie down on a grassy field and just relax under the sun as if I was resting […]

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Escaping from the city for a few days to be surrounded by the beauty of nature is absolutely a must for those who normally live in the city or near the city. As I headed to Vail from Denver with Mj and her family two Fridays ago, the number of lanes on the expressway reduced […]

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I once thought that I had to wait for months for summer to turn into winter; however, this perspective changed when I took a journey to the Rocky Mountains from the suburbs of Denver. A week ago, my friends from internship and I headed for another journey to the top of the world by taking […]

June 21st, 2010 by | Country: Colorado United States (home) | 1 Comment »


Being in the office for 8 hours everyday where we’re trapped inside a box, my friends from internship and I crave for fresh air, mountains and soft, green grasses.  One evening after work, I asked a friend of mine who was my mom’s good friend from Boston, Mj and her husband, if there is a […]

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Just because the weather is so disgustingly bad, it does not mean that we can’t have fun.  Sometimes it’s good to view various weather conditions rather than just sunny days to have a different perspective of the world. On a very bleak and gloomy Saturday, two weekends ago, three friends and I headed south of […]

June 14th, 2010 by | Country: Colorado United States (home) | 3 Comments »


It’s been six months since I returned to my home country to finish up my last year of university.  A few weeks ago, I graduated graduated Summa Cum Laude from SCAD with a Bachelor of Arts degree in photography. I am now in Colorado for the summer to work and travel.  It’s really a  “kill two birds […]

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As you may notice, the pictures are missing from this blog.  That is because this blog has been hacked by a very evil person!  I will get the pictures back online as soon as I can.