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The beats of music from my cousin’s concert swirl into the air as the waves ripple the Mediterranean Sea and splash into the magnificent beach of Tel Aviv.  Residents swarm through the alleys of bazaars while some employees press the button on blenders to mix the fruit.  People enjoy dinner with laughter at cafes at […]

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In the past two weeks, I’ve been on a scavenger hunt to find jewels, spices, and SHINY GOLD.  As I walk through the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem, the smell of curry and cumin wafts by my nose, causing me to observe the spices closely.  At the quarter, there are bags and bags of spices in […]

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Sometimes traveling is about seeing what’s in front of you at the moment.  Every part of the world has a unique surrounding.  Seeing the surroundings in other countries is much more grand than looking at the photos in books. It’s also imperative to stop and admire the scenes where you are standing at the moment […]

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I just came back from a beautiful evening in Jerusalem.  Here are some photos… Details will come later…

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In spite of the news media perpetuating discussions on the terrors of Israel causing people to feel reluctant to visit here, the lives of Israelis go on.  People go to work, socialize at cafes, munch up some falafels, and play at the beach.  If we had never seen the negative side of Israel in the […]

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As I was looking at the menu at a restaurant and being seated at a table with my family by the harbor situated by the Mediterranean Sea, I saw “Shellfish” and a whole list of shellfish that I could order including shrimp.  While I’m not kosher as I want to have the freedom to try […]

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After dreading the long 12 hour flight to Israel, I was waiting in line in the customs area waiting to be told that I am welcome to visit Israel by getting a stamp in my passport. As I was in the line, I pondered if I should be having a form to fill out as […]

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In an American woman’s mind, a mall is just a place to shop without any concerns that there could be any possibilities of violence including shooting and bombing.  As I head to the entrance of the mall, I see a man wearing a white shirt and black pants.  He had a badge that appeared to […]

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In less than 24 hours, I will be on a plane heading to Israel.  My being Jewish sure does somewhat influence my decision to venture to Israel, but that’s not the main reason that I embrace Israel.  Israel is an extraordinary country with so many wonderful cultures and historical sites and a very unique lifestyle.  […]

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