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I’ve been pondering on what to write about my trip to Shanghai.  It’s hard for me to sum up my thoughts of the city.  It is certainly a very westernized city, but it has its own Chinese flair.  What amazed me about Shanghai and even in China as a whole, as I also encountered this […]

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Venturing in a big city can be exciting and fun, especially seeing all the neon lights, but sometimes I need a break and enjoy the small town life.  Nestled in middle of a landscape of construction, there is a small town about 40 minutes by taxi from the city center of Shanghai call Zhujiajiao.  It is […]

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Yu Yuan Garden is an ancient area in Shanghai, but it is very touristy as it is filled with shops catering to tourists.  If one wants to find souvenirs or Chinese crafts, this is the place to go!  I will let the photos speak for themselves.

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Here are my custom-made clothes I picked up this morning! I will write details on the rest of the trip on the plane or when I get back to the States tomorrow.

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If I ever want custom-made clothes done in the States, well, I can dream on until I die.  That will never happen unless I become super-rich.  That is not the case in China as an American.  My friend took me to a “tailor market” where we can pick fabrics out and have a custom-made dress, […]

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Monday night, Sophia, her husband and I were all dying for a grand feast after having not eaten much on the trip.  So, we went to a big “hot pot” restaurant.  As I mentioned in a previous post, hot pot is a Chinese dish where families and friends will gather around at a table and […]

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Where do I start?  The past several days have been nothing but misery and humor.  I know it’s a strange combo, but let me explain in this post.  Last Saturday early morning, Sophia, her husband and I took off for a three day tour to Sanya, a nearby destination in Hainan province.  We went with […]

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There is not much to talk about what Sophia and I both did during the day as we did mostly business stuff, such as going to the bank to take out lots of cash as credit cards are not commonly used here in China and to finalize our next adventure plans, and I should note […]

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Other than Times Square in New York City, I’ve never seen so many neon lights! I should also mention that I am fascinated to see that jumbo TVs are commonly seen on buildings and are used to post advertisements. The only time I’ve seen jumbo TVs on buildings is again, Times Square! Here also are […]