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Waking up every morning to bright sunshine, strolling on the decaying sidewalk in hot turquoise boots, learning how to say “how are you” in Spanish, living through the hell of strikes, and admiring the scintillating landscapes of Peru are the reminiscences of my time of my life, which occurred only a few weeks ago on […]

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A very cute Peruvian paddled a very simple boat made of logs on a small lake in the middle of a rain forest.  As the cool air dispersed, I sat behind the paddler and appreciated everything I saw surrounding me by taking pictures.  I headed to the other side of the lake to climb up […]

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Here is my day three adventure of the rain forest: An army of ants crosses the trail in a perfect rhythmic line as I walk in the rain forest. While I’m not a big fan of insects, I found this to be astonishing! In fact, I always thought this scenery is a fantasy because it […]

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Water was sprinkling my face.  Cool winds swayed by my face causing my hair to flap.  I was moving several miles per hour through the river on a boat, and I felt as if I was flying through the rain forest.  I was feeling the enjoyment of relaxing.  I was heading to another section of […]

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A strike happened again!  Yes, for real.  Fortunately, the strike only affected the taxis.  So, I had to be picked up by the travel agency 40 minutes earlier as the agent didn’t know how long she could catch a cab as there were many fewer cabs.  The travel agent took me to the tour group […]

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Watching the transformation of the landscape as I ride through the Andes Mountains to the rain forest on the unpaved road, hearing the crickets chirping, watching bright red birds fly through the trees, sailing through the river, and sleeping in rustic lodges are memories that will not be forgotten.  This past week, I spent four […]

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I’m just posting a quick update to let everyone know that I had a fanastic four day trip to the rainforest and a day trip to Macchu Pichu.  I will write all the details tonight and upload the writings along with videos and pictures tomorrow.  Here is a preview for now… Manu – Rainforest Macchu […]

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I’m off to Manu, a rainforest reserve in Peru, from tomorrow until Monday night.  So, don’t expect to hear from me at all until Tuesday.  Well, actually Wednesday because I’ll be at Macchu Pichu on Tuesday!  There is absolutely NO internet access where I’ll be staying in the rainforest as electricity is VERY VERY VERY […]

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Incas are no different from the Ancient Romans, Ancient Greeks, Maoris, Aborigines, and Native Americans when it comes to art and tools.  Museo Incas glorifies with an incredible collection of Incas artifacts, which include pottery, jewelry, sculptures, textiles, and tools.  While visiting the Inca sites such as Pisac and Ollaytaytambo was fascinating, seeing the artifacts […]

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Yesterday, I decided to take a stroll along the Avenue de la Cultura, a road leading up to Plaza de Armas.  Walking in Peru is an entirely different experience.  The sidewalks are somewhat uneven.  In other words, the sidewalks are not well paved.  There are tons of dents and hollows in the sidewalks. The trashcans […]