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Staring out the window from a bus or a train while I’m taking a road trip and viewing the unknown scenes is one of those moments where I cannot be disturbed.  I’d never know what phenomenal scene I could be missing.  Passing by the mountains in various hues created by the sunlight situated in the […]

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Vivie said to me, “We’re going to have Domino’s Pizza at a friend’s tonight for dinner.” “I think I’m going to tweet tonight, ‘An AMERICAN is eating Domino’s Pizza in Greece!’” “Huh?!” Vivie looked completely perplexed. “Domino’s Pizza is an AMERICAN pizza!” I said. “I didn’t know that!” I was certainly complaining about having to […]

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One night, as I was strolling in the city of Thessaloniki where the city was well lit by lights that consisted of small little light bulbs lining next to each other creating shapes of stars and snowflakes, I said to Vivie, a friend of mine in Greece, “It’s hard to believe that Christmas decorations are […]

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A year ago, I was at the British Museum in London where I saw artifacts from the Parthenon.  In the past four years, I’ve seen a handful of Greek pottery at the Louvre.  I also spent a good few class sessions in Survey of Western Art History at my university learning about ancient Greek art.  […]

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“We can take a night train to Athens,” said my friend. “No, I prefer to go during the day so that I can see the country out the window,” I said. While I understand that night trains can shed some bucks on travel expenses as it takes away one night in the hotel, trains are […]

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As I was looking through a travel magazine, I came across an advertisement that made my eyes sparkle.  There was an image of the sea in the color of BRIGHT aqua with umbrellas made of straw.  I used my powers to magically step inside the advertisement and spend a day to take a dip in […]

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Watching Meryl Streep dance as Donna by the sparkling, blue water and white concrete buildings in Mamma Mia and Alexis Bledel as Lena in the Sisterhood of Traveling Pants walking through a beautiful town perched on a mountain totally inspired me to travel to Greece.  However, I am not seeing that scenery on this trip […]

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As I boarded the plane of Greece’s airline, Olympic, the smell of old rags wafted by my nose.  I got a glimpse of a typical European plane – seats are obviously old as they have stains and the compartments look like as if they’re wearing away.  The airplane journey sure did remind me of my […]