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As quite a few noticed that I’ve been tweeting about my intense work on preparing a proposal for an art show in Lacoste where I’m studying, I am finally releasing the proposal to the public.  I gave a presentation to the class and, while I received positive responses, there is one glitch!  I have to […]

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Riding through the narrow roads nestled in magnificent mountains of Luberon region always leads us to incredible treasures.  For instance, today I came across a charming town called Lourmarin.  This town is a “key link” between the alps and the Mediterranean which is known as the “combe.”  This town has buildings built right next to […]

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Rather than just an ordinary bus ride to school every day where I only see modern buildings, lots of traffic, street lights, pedestrians, and chain-stores, I’m in a van with my art history class riding through a winding road and viewing the beautiful mountains of the Luberon region.  One of the greatest benefits of studying […]

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As I stand in front of a gorgeous building with green leaves adorned on the wall, I knew there were going to be charms inside Cezanne’s altalier.  After entering inside the building and going to the second floor where Cezanne’s stuido is located, I feel as if I stepped inside one of Cezanne’s paintings.  The […]

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Last January, when I was returning to school in my hometown where there is nothing but skyscrapers, big box stores, suburban homes, and polluted air, I said to my mother, “I feel that I should be on the plane right now heading back to France.”  Spending a semester studying in the heart of Provence last […]

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Coming Soon

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“I’m so jealous that you’re going to be away during the election hype,” my mother told me shortly before I left for my travels in Europe. Well, I actually didn’t really get to escape the election hype at all. Every time I walked into a newspaper shop, I saw Obama or McCain on the cover […]

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I’m living under the city of lights for real!  It’s amazing how one building can produce so much electricity to lighten up the city! After three trips to Paris including a three-weeks-stay one summer, I finally got to see the Eiffel Tower at night!  WOW!  How brilliantly bright the tower is at night!  I’ve never […]

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I love fall!  It’s my favorite season!  I don’t have to worry about sweating and becoming stinky as I walk throughout the city.  I love feeling the fresh cool breeze!  As I stroll by the glittering Seine River and listen to Autumn Leaves by Edith Piaf, I adorned the brilliant colors of the leaves on […]

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Temperature is so nice and cool.  Not so hot that I need to carry a gallon bottle of water.  Not too cold that I need to bundle up a scarf.  I’m roaming freely through the sidewalks without any worries of being bumped by other people.  In fact, it feels weird that the sidewalks are nearly […]