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A few nights ago, I spoke to my mom on the phone.  During our conversation, I told her that, after experiencing the strike in Cusco and also in some other countries, I have mixed feelings about whether I should support  union workers or not.  While I truly do believe that the workers do need to […]

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PARE!  Yes, I just said “STOP!” in Spanish. On my very first trip overseas when I was 17 years old, I went to France.  One of the things that shocked me the most was that the stop signs in France were written “STOP” instead of “ARRET” the French word for “STOP!”  I asked the French […]

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After being ill, I very much needed to get out and explore a little.  I brought my camera with me and went on an adventure to meet some Peruvians!  Here are some Peruvians whom I’ve met today!

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2 AM in the morning on Friday, I woke up with stomach pain and feeling the need to go to the bathroom.  Let’s just say that I was in the bathroom for about an hour to two hours.  No need to explain the details. I called my parents since my dad is a doctor, and […]

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This is the third destination that I visited in the Sacred Valley last Sunday: Perched several feet above sea level overlooking the beautiful sunset by the Andes Mountain, Chinchero is another fascinating village in the Sacred Valley.  Streetlights shine on the town like sparkling golden jewels.  There were rows of Peruvian vendors selling Peruvian specialties […]

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Peru sure does have very strange food here!  Yesterday, one of my Spanish teachers was teaching us Spanish words for fruits and vegetables.  Not only we were given a list of typical fruits and vegetables such as oranges, onions, and blueberries, but also strange and unheard of names such as chirimoya and granadilla.  Apparently, they […]

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A lot of times when I go to the malls with friends in my home country, they always question me why I’m not buying anything.  It’s simply because not only am I saving my bucks for traveling, but also to bring back some unique spices to my home country from a foreign country.  As I […]

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UGH!  Everytime I head overseas, I always experience a strike or a protest, something that I rarely experience in my own country.  They irritate me so much because they make life somewhat more difficult and sometimes dangerous.  Cusco is ON STRIKE today and perhaps tomorrow. Today, when I went out to catch a taxi, it […]

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Having the opportunity to venture outside of the city and see the countryside is an important aspect of traveling.  From my previous traveling experiences, I’ve found that each part of the world has its own unique landscapes.  Thus, it was very important for me to see the landforms of Peru.  Also, the lifestyle in the […]

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Seeing the grounds sculpted into incredible rounded steps is one of the greatest wonders of ancient sites.  There is no question that the Incas had the greatest minds for architecture.  Pisac, one of the most significant Inca ruins and the first site that I visited, not only has flights of beautifully sculpted stairs adding to […]