A Symbol of the Inefficient Government

September 20th, 2009 by | Country: Greece | No Comments »

One night, as I was strolling in the city of Thessaloniki where the city was well lit by lights that consisted of small little light bulbs lining next to each other creating shapes of stars and snowflakes, I said to Vivie, a friend of mine in Greece, “It’s hard to believe that Christmas decorations are already up!  I thought that the US was the worst since Christmas decorations will be up in many places by October, before we’ve had a chance to celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving!”


Vivie laughed hysterically. “Those Christmas lights are from LAST YEAR’S Christmas!”

I froze and my eyes popped out!  “What a waste of electricity!”

“I’m paying my taxes for this!”  I cannot believe that Vivie is paying taxes for unnecessary electricity and helping us run out of fossil fuel!  Talk about how Greece’s inefficient government is affecting the country AND the world!

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