A Provençal Journey

November 1st, 2009 by | Country: France | No Comments »

Without any doubts, recording memories of traveling through Provence is a must.  Everywhere I go, there are always a breathtaking scenery – cliffs, mountains, and vineyards.  There is this particular route, from Lacoste to many places including Avignon, Isle sur la Sorgue and Fontaine de Vaucluse, that I can never forget.  I remember vividly the day I first arrived to Lacoste last year in September on a beautiful sunny day.  The first thing I saw was giant cliffs and mountains on both sides of the roads.  The curves and dents of these landforms are such a vital imagery to the scene as it creates deep shadows.

Besides seeing the image in this video, I also added a Provençal folktale song called Les Cordelles to enhance your journey through Provence!

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