The STINKIEST city in the world

December 22nd, 2008 by | Country: New Zealand | No Comments »

As I approached Rotorua, I began to feel as if I wanted to puke.  As the smell of rotten eggs wafted through the air, I wondered if there was a large dumpster for eggs.  Because I was feeling so sick and the need for fresh air, I looked on a map to see if there was a park where I could lay on a grassy lawn and enjoy the fresh air.  I saw a drawing of a huge lake on the map.  “Bingo!  That’s where I’m going,” I said.


As I was heading closer to the lake, the smell grew stronger.  The moment I saw beautiful sparking blue water surrounded by mountains, I felt as if the atmosphere was very quiet.  There were no people walking by the lake or sailing in the water.  However, there were bubbles and water gushing into the air.  I forgot about the rotten egg smell for the moment as I was staring at the magnificent scene.  Within seconds, I began to feel as if I wanted to scream for a gas mask so that I could stay there to enjoy gazing at the view of the landscape.  Because I absolutely could not leave without capturing a memory of this place, I pinched my nose as tight as I could while managing to look through the camera viewfinder and pressing the button.


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