The Unbelievable Turquoise

December 23rd, 2008 by | Country: New Zealand | No Comments »



Everybody knows that I absolutely adore turquoise!  It’s the color that causes immediate love at first sight.  I headed to a river that meets Lake Taupo.  The water was as turquoise as it could be.  I could not move my eyes away from the glamorous scene.  Right by the lake, people were leaping into the water, an activity known as Bungee jumping.  I have to admit that I truly regret not having done Bungee jumping.  It was not because I was fearful.  It was simply because of financial reasons as I had to shell out big bucks for a new lens as I broke mine in Australia.  However, it was worth buying the new lens as I was able to enjoy capturing the moment.  As I missed Bungee jumping, that means that I will have to make a trip back to New Zealand!


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