Riding through the rainy Marlbrough Sounds

December 24th, 2008 by | Country: New Zealand | No Comments »

Rain splashes against the windows on the bus. Smoky like-clouds covering the sky cause a mood of dreariness and the feeling of not wanting to be adventurous.  It’s hard to imagine the majesty of New Zealand.  Unfortunately, we can’t control Mother Nature or create a powerful machine to change the weather.  Sometimes we need to be bound to experience different weather so that we can see how the residents of the country handle each of its conditions.  Life just went on…


People shopped with umbrellas over their head in Picton.  Ferry boats sailed across the ocean from the North Island to the South Island.  Cars cruised through the mountains.

The landscape was the same, but the scenery was just simply different.  The hues were different from what they would normally be if there was sun and no clouds.  I was just simply experiencing a unique image – seeing unique formations of clouds and values of darkness and lightness on the mountains.



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