Admiring the Glaciers

December 28th, 2008 by | Country: New Zealand | No Comments »


As the global warming continue to melt our precious planet, it is extremely imperative to view the glaciers, snow capped mountains, and all the natural wonders of our planet in order to be able to gain appreciation for caring our own environment.  Visiting the Fox Glacier in South Island was an experience that I absolutely could not miss.  Seeing the glacier was almost as if I was viewing an enormous sculpture.  The forms of the curves and cracks were just marvelous.  As I was walking on the glacier, I felt as if I was walking on giant carved ice!  While my pictures may be not so exciting, viewing them is no different from examining Piet Mondrian’s work or Frank Stella’s work.  It’s all about appreciating the simple forms, colors, and lines.

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