An Overpriced Adventure City

December 29th, 2008 by | Country: New Zealand | No Comments »

  • Bungy Jump $165
  • Shotover Jet $109
  • Dart Jet $199
  • Skydive $299

(Prices in NZ dollars)

These are just a few activities in one of the world’s biggest adventure city.  Sadly, my wallet was close to being empty.  However, I didn’t let my near-empty wallet stop me from having fun!

Two women from Argentina relax on the grassy lawn by the lake and enjoy chatting and laughing while a group of girls quietly drink alcohol in coffee cups.  A young man lying on a boardwalk occupies himself by texting on his cellphone as a group of Brazilian men leap into the Wakatipu lake.  Visitors enjoy their meal at outdoor restaurants while looking at the mountains being changed into various hues as the sun descends below the sparkling, bright blue lake. A resident walks her dogs while the grass sways back and forth from the flow of winds.


Instead of doing all those overpriced activities, I spent my last moments in New Zealand viewing people enjoying their activities and the spectacular scenes of the South Island.


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