Off to venture into the rain forest

July 16th, 2009 by | Country: Peru | No Comments »

I’m off to Manu, a rainforest reserve in Peru, from tomorrow until Monday night.  So, don’t expect to hear from me at all until Tuesday.  Well, actually Wednesday because I’ll be at Macchu Pichu on Tuesday!  There is absolutely NO internet access where I’ll be staying in the rainforest as electricity is VERY VERY VERY VERY limited!  The hotels have electricity only from 6 PM until 8 PM – TWO hours per day!  I’m sure it’s because they want to minimize the disturbance of the rainforest.  It will be fine because I’ll be getting up by 5 AM in the morning when the sun first comes up, and I’ll pass out by 8 PM, for sure!  Also, there are NO cell phone towers – only radios for emergency purposes.  I know my parents and grandparents are going to be biting their nails about this situation, but if they have any emergency issues, they can just call the Spanish school, and the school will get in touch with me through the radio.  Of course, if I have any issues, the tour guide will use the radio to reach someone in Cusco.  Anyway, it will be a fun and fascinating experience!  I’m looking forward to getting a real taste of the Amazon rainforest!  I will definitely post my thoughts and photos when I come back from the rainforest, and also, Macchu Pichu!

To view more information about where I will be this weekend, click here.

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