Manu Trip Part II: Early Morning Boat Ride

July 24th, 2009 by | Country: Peru | No Comments »


Water was sprinkling my face.  Cool winds swayed by my face causing my hair to flap.  I was moving several miles per hour through the river on a boat, and I felt as if I was flying through the rain forest.  I was feeling the enjoyment of relaxing.  I was heading to another section of the rain forest to enjoy an early morning observation.

When I arrived, I was sitting on a piece of land with a bounty of rocks enjoying the cool breeze and feeling my hair being flapped by the winds.  Rays of orange, blue, pink, and purple glistened in the sky as the sun was rising.  The sounds of birds tweeting traveled to my ears.  It was a very soothing morning.

As wide awake as I could be at 6 AM in the morning on Sunday, I ventured off by taking a boat ride to an area of the rain forest to watch the birds.  There were red birds sitting on branches.  There was a group of dark blue birds flying across the sky.  While my camera lens was not effective in getting up close, I spent some time admiring the beautiful sunrise and the landscape.

Please be on the look out for part III on my Manu adventures soon!

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