Manu Adventures Part IV: Reflecting the Rain Forest

August 2nd, 2009 by | Country: Peru | No Comments »

A very cute Peruvian paddled a very simple boat made of logs on a small lake in the middle of a rain forest.  As the cool air dispersed, I sat behind the paddler and appreciated everything I saw surrounding me by taking pictures.  I headed to the other side of the lake to climb up to the top of a tower to view the rain forest above my head.  There were a group of birds swooping through the trees.  Long blades of grass were swaying along with the wind.  The sun was just beginning to set, which was creating a nice warm tone to the atmosphere.  The water was reflecting a ripple effect of the landscape as if I was looking at an impressionist painting.


After the ziplining and repelling activity and lunch, I headed off to a section of the rain forest down the river where not only I saw a magnificent lake, but also a scary looking snake that made me want to run away.  Fortunately, I was brave enough not to run away and stand by the snake to get some snapshots.  On the way to the lake, I also encountered logs resting on the ground to be used as trails, and on some of the logs, there were mushrooms growing on them.

The adventures to the rain forest was incredibly a worthwhile experience as I learned to appreciate the need to conserve the rain forest.  It’s just a beautiful phenomenon filled with a large collection of animals and plants.

On the fourth day, I spent eight hours in a big van heading back to Cuscu.  I certainly didn’t mind the drive as I absolutely love seeing the foreign landscape that I get to see once in a life time!

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