I can eat shrimp in Israel? Really?

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As I was looking at the menu at a restaurant and being seated at a table with my family by the harbor situated by the Mediterranean Sea, I saw “Shellfish” and a whole list of shellfish that I could order including shrimp.  While I’m not kosher as I want to have the freedom to try new food and have flexible eating habits, I still knew that shellfish was not kosher, and Israel is a Jewish state.  So, that just struck me!  This is certainly one of the messages that I’m receiving while I’m in Israel that it’s okay to be Jewish and still not do any religious practices including being Kosher.  For those of you who do not know what Kosher means, it’s a Jewish eating practice, and the simplest definition of Kosher is that Jews who are Kosher do not eat shellfish and pork, and they can’t eat meat and eat or drink dairy products at the same time.

Israel is certainly a very secular Jewish state where Jews just enjoy life and don’t stress about following religious practices, although, Jerusalem is an exception where there is a heavy population of orthodox Jews.

I sure did order shrimp :).  Because Israel is located by the Mediterranean Sea, seafood is must to eat in Israel!

On another note, I took a stroll with Dana, my cousin, after dinner to enjoy the serene scenery of rays of pinks, blues, purple, and orange and see silhouettes of people and lights of the harbor.





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