Peaceful Life

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In spite of the news media perpetuating discussions on the terrors of Israel causing people to feel reluctant to visit here, the lives of Israelis go on.  People go to work, socialize at cafes, munch up some falafels, and play at the beach.  If we had never seen the negative side of Israel in the news, no one would have a clue that it’s occurring in some parts of the country.  This is part of the travel experience which allows me to see the REAL life of each country.  The ones who won’t travel to places because of the news media’s trash talk, are the ones who need to travel more than anyone else like Rick Steves says.



Tonight, after a day of touring Tel Aviv, relatives of mine on my dad’s side of the family and I chilled out at a restaurant by the beach overlooking people swimming in the waves by Jaffa.  People were sitting in beach chairs and reading or listening to music through their headphones.  Children were building sand castles.  After dinner, many of us went out on the beach to have memorable moments.



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