A Taste of Sweetness

March 18th, 2007 by | Country: Canada | No Comments »

What’s the sweetest thing we can taste in Canada?  Chocolate?  Canada sure do have some sweet chocolates, but that’s not it!  Munchkin doughnuts with jelly?  That’s definitely very yummy, but nope!

Hint*Hint!  Take a look at the Canadian flag!

AHA!  There’s a maple leaf on the Canadian flag!  What can do with maple leaves?

The answer is to make them into maple syrup!  Maple syrup is certainly the sweetest thing we can taste in Canada!  I’ve been eating this most delicious muffin in Vancouver from this cute little cafe called Maple Delights.  They have muffins made with maple syrup!  YUMMMMMMMMM!  There is no question that any food in Canada that has maple syrup in it is a speciality of Canada as I’ve never seen food in US made with maple syrup.


Maple Delights is flourised with bottles of variety of sizes of maple syrups, pastries made with maple syrup, chocolate made with maple syrup, and even ice cream made with maple syrup!  It’s a great one-stop place for maple sweets!

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