Life Goes On…

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The beats of music from my cousin’s concert swirl into the air as the waves ripple the Mediterranean Sea and splash into the magnificent beach of Tel Aviv.  Residents swarm through the alleys of bazaars while some employees press the button on blenders to mix the fruit.  People enjoy dinner with laughter at cafes at midnight while some sleep peacefully.  Life goes on… Israel.


In the past week in Israel, I just enjoyed my moments there with my family and friends.  Rather than experiencing the country as a tourist, I was just simply a family member visiting family and friends.  It was like any other trip where I visit my grandparents and cousins.  I spent every moment with them as I only see them a few times in my life.  While I’m spending my time with them, I’m still fully immersed in the Israeli culture by eating pitas with hummus, hearing people speaking Hebrew, drinking smoothies, and relaxing on the beach.  I appreciated every image I viewed on this trip – images that I don’t see in the news media.






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