A Luscious Market

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I’m standing in middle of a place that is packed full of food.  In one area, it’s packed full of fruits and vegetables.  The colors of the fruits and vegetables are absolutely stunning!  I gaze at a window that is filled with rows and rows of mouthwatering pastries that sit behind it.  Looking at these pastries reminded me of my charming moments in France where this country was well known for its food.  These two pastries stood out the most because they were my most favorite pastries that I ate in France, and with my clear memory, I clearly remember that I ate these two pastries on my last day with my French friend, Anais.  It was the strawberry tart and the chantilly sandwhich.  Chantilly is a French word for whipped cream.  I love that word!  They are just absolutely luscious!  I sure did get them along with a cheese sandwhich for lunch.  I sure do have let go my eating habits once in awhile.  Hey!  I’m on vacation!  So, why not?!

The place that I was just at was the Public Market on Granville Island.  Grainville Island is located just off the coast of Vancouver.

Granville Island is also known for its art galleries.  This island is filled with galleries and artists.  It’s definitely a place to stop if anyone’s looking for an art piece to take home.


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