A Glorious Drive

March 20th, 2007 by | Country: Canada | No Comments »


After a few days of gloomy weather, clouds finally shattered away to let the sun shine for the glorious drive that my parents and I took today to Whistler from Vancouver.  We took the Sea to Sky highway, and it’s most stunning and breathtaking drive I’ve been on besides driving through the Basque countryside in France.  Moutains known as the Canadian Rockies were covered everywhere.  In fact, there were variety of mountains.  There were mountains covered in green trees and leaves, and there were some that were covered in snow.  What a wonder!  We were even driving alongside the ocean.  There were even quite a bit of mountains in the ocean.  This drive did sure give me a wonderful taste of the British Columbia, one of Canada’s provinces.  The drive was about two hours to Whistler.  Dad sure did make a few stops along the way to allow me to take magnificent photographs.

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