An Escape from the Commercial World

June 21st, 2010 by | Country: Colorado United States (home) | 1 Comment »


Being in the office for 8 hours everyday where we’re trapped inside a box, my friends from internship and I crave for fresh air, mountains and soft, green grasses.  One evening after work, I asked a friend of mine who was my mom’s good friend from Boston, Mj and her husband, if there is a place for us to escape from the society of big box stores, commercials and other corporations.  Mj and her husband took me for a journey to a mystical land.


Daniel’s Park couldn’t be any more stunning for a quick place to escape.  Watching the sun set behind the mountains was glorious.  What was even more beautiful was watching the bikers ride into the sunset!  It was a symbolism of a typical life in Colorado.

The following day, I brought my friends to Daniel’s Park where we enjoyed another magnificent view of the sunset.  Best of all, we enjoyed hearing the sounds of winds gushing by our ears.  Aside from enjoying the world of nature, we had a picnic dinner.



1 Comment

June 21, 2010 at 3:21 pm

I LOVE the sunset pic.

The journey is very beautiful , and it’s far from being over.

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