A path to the treasures of nature

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Escaping from the city for a few days to be surrounded by the beauty of nature is absolutely a must for those who normally live in the city or near the city. As I headed to Vail from Denver with Mj and her family two Fridays ago, the number of lanes on the expressway reduced from five lanes to two lanes. During the first hour of the drive, we were surrounded by hundreds of cars, buildings, subway stations, and a not-so-pretty backdrop. Then we emerged into a landscape of nothing but lush green mountains with a few buildings perched there and a few cars roaming.


While Vail is known as a ski resort, the town has a lot to offer in the summer – hiking, biking, riding the gondola, art festival, eating, and just relaxing. The following morning after arriving in Vail, I headed to the top of the world by taking a gondola. Being at the top of the mountains provided nothing but a serene moment. A number of evergreen trees stood on the rolling hills filled with lush green grass. The weather couldn’t be anymore perfect. The sun glimmered in the sky while there were a few clouds scattered everywhere. Mj, her husband, Merril, her son, Max, and I hiked throughout the beautiful landscape.



The following day, Mj, Max, and I walked for about a half mile on the road and then we went into the woods. When I think of woods, it often brings magical treasures. After about a mile or so, I was brought to an open vast space of mountains with a field of grass with a few flowers scattered throughout the ground. Then about another mile into the hike, I heard the sounds of water running from somewhere. A few moments later, I approached a beautiful waterfall nestled in the mountains. Life couldn’t be anymore beautiful…




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