The Changing Landscape

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As I headed from Vail to Moab, I watched the amazing transformation of the landscapes from the window of Michael’s Grand Cherokee Jeep.  Lush green mountains were everywhere in Vail.  They looked so stunning that I wanted to lie down on a grassy field and just relax under the sun as if I was resting on a sandy beach.  Then about an hour into the drive, I began to see some alterations in the mountains.  Patches of red soil appeared on the mountains.  Seeing complimentary colors mixed together in a landscape was a beautiful appearance.


Moments later I was tuned out to listening to music on my iPod, daydreaming, and not really paying attention to the scenery.  While I my mind was in a haze, Michael said, “Rachel!  Look!”  My eyes popped out.  Canyons were at my sight!  As I was admiring the awe-striking scenery, we were driving through a very curvy road.  I felt as if I was on an amusement park ride like ‘It’s a Small World’!  There were trains roving on the very steep walls of the canyons.  A glistening green river weaved through the canyons.  Along the river, there were people kayaking and swimming.  I wanted to splash into the water, but I had to keep on going.

Shortly before reaching the finish line, a more stunning set of canyons came in sight.  The canyons were redder.  I asked Michael to stop to enjoy a moment in the canyons.  Once the car was parked, I hopped out and snapped a few shots.  We continued on.


The city of Moab was a bit disappointing and so, there is no need to go into details.  It was just simply a pit stop with a few shops and restaurants.

In order to enjoy the sunset and viewing beautiful lighting on the landscape, Michael and I headed to Arches National Park in the evening.  As the planet was turning westward, the landscape appeared more and more dramatic to the point that it became a silhouette.  It was a sentimental moment to view the West.



The following morning, Michael and I went for an off-road trekking through the canyons.  It was a very bumpy roller coaster ride!  We were riding on the edge of the canyons and going steep down the hill while the rocks on the ground were causing our bodies to jerk and wobble like popcorn popping.


Shortly after trekking down and up through the canyons, we headed back to Vail.  As we were heading back, I suddenly felt trapped in another planet.  The sky was gray.  The air was thick and filled with dust.  Wind was blowing so hard that I could feel the car rattling.  I was experiencing a dust bowl!  What a grand western life!


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