My Year in London

July 30th, 2011 by | Country: Great Britain | No Comments »

In my flat, a bulletin board adorned my wall.  As days passed by during my year in London, I added new items to the board.  The board went from being totally empty and calling me to tell a story to being covered with a story that I could tell about my life in London.  Pamphlets of broadway shows such as Mamma Mia, Love Story, Legally Blonde and Cinderella told the story of my joys of going to theaters.  The name tag with “Visitor” and a photo of me on it was a proof that I visited the Parliament.  Birthday cards shared the memories of celebrating my birthday abroad for the first time.  The map of the school campus told the story of my arriving in London and not knowing where I was going, but getting loss gave me the opportunity to explore the undiscovered spots.  I never missed seeing the black cabs that roamed through the city, and I certainly did take them along with Tubes and Double Decker buses.  My bulletin board spoke a 1000 words.



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