Nightlife in Haikou

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There is not much to talk about what Sophia and I both did during the day as we did mostly business stuff, such as going to the bank to take out lots of cash as credit cards are not commonly used here in China and to finalize our next adventure plans, and I should note that we made some changes.  We’re heading to Sanya, known as one of the most beautiful beaches in China, for the weekend.  Then we’ll head back to Haikou on Monday night and spend a few more days here and will head off to the next destination, Guilin, a destination known for its most ASTONISHING scenery (Google it!) for two days and then to a rural area near Hefei to visit Sophia’s husband’s parents who live by a farm where they grow rice.  Then I fly back to the US on the 22nd of this month.  Sorry, no Beijing and the Great Wall of China this time!  It’s more important for me to experience the family life and the culture of the country than the touristy destinations.  I’ll get to the capital city another time!  Maybe next year when I can use my $600 voucher to fly to anywhere in the world that I got last week for volunteering to be bumped onto another flight back to London.

Anyway, back to what the original post should be about – Nightlife in Haikou!  I’ve never seen so many neon lights in one city.  I know that I talked about it in the last post, but I am still in awe of them.  I asked Sophia, “Isn’t it expensive to be running all these neon lights as they’re using a lot of electricity?”  She said that they like using the neon lights because they make the cities brighter and more comfortable to navigate at night.  Then I realized that in the US, even though we rarely use neon lights, we still use a lot of lights as many shops leave the lights on in their stores through the night even when they’re not open.  So, I am going to present photos of my observations, and I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Note the big jumbo TV screen on one of the stores!

Note the big jumbo TV screen on one of the stores!





Can you spot the KFC in the photo?

Can you spot the KFC in the photo?


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