Getting Custom Made Clothes Done!

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If I ever want custom-made clothes done in the States, well, I can dream on until I die.  That will never happen unless I become super-rich.  That is not the case in China as an American.  My friend took me to a “tailor market” where we can pick fabrics out and have a custom-made dress, jacket, shirt, pants and anything done for a ridiculously cheap price.  I came across a Kate Spade style dress that was hanging on a wall that has a HUGE bow.  I’ve been very crazy about bows since I started watching the TV show, Glee, as one of the characters wears a lot of bows on her clothes.  Kate Spade is known for creating clothes with bows and also for being very expensive…too expensive for me to be able to afford.  I said, “This is MY dress!”  So, I went to the lady who could make this dress and had her measure me.  It will be made of wool in blue and white with bottons coming down in the middle along with two pockets and a BIG bow in the front!  I paid 50 bucks!  I’m so excited!  I can’t wait to see the finished result!


But, the real reason I came to this place was to get a nice real high quality silk custom-made Chinese dress called Qipao.  I scoured through hundreds of fabrics at the market for the right fabric that made me say, “Ooooooo!  I gotta have that!”  I finally found the right fabric that made me drool – it’s royal blue with cherry blossom flowers.  I bargained with the sales and  “tailor” woman until I got it down to as low as I could make it.  Remember, high quality silk dresses in the States go for hundreds to thousands of dollars.  I got it, all custom-made, for USD$100.  The woman measured me and then asked me how I want the dress to look like in terms of where it should be buttoned and whether or not if I want a zipper.  It was a totally fun experience, especially for someone who is crazy about fashion.





We will be able to see the final results of both dresses on Wednesday, the day before I head out!  These two dresses will have wonderful stories to tell for years to come.  When people ask me where I got the dress, I can tell them about the experience of choosing the fabric to being measured to deciding the placement of the buttons to negotiating.

Next time, when I come back to Shanghai, I am going to bring a picture of a Valentino dress or jacket and have it copied!  LOL!

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Uncle Stan

September 21, 2011 at 11:18 pm

Sounds like the trip has been great, once you got over the initial bout of food poisoning. Blue is a wonderful color on you. Great bargain!!
Looking forward to those hundreds of photos you take so well. Luv
from me and Aunt Estee

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