Development of China

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I’ve been pondering on what to write about my trip to Shanghai.  It’s hard for me to sum up my thoughts of the city.  It is certainly a very westernized city, but it has its own Chinese flair.  What amazed me about Shanghai and even in China as a whole, as I also encountered this in the Hainan province, is the amount of cranes and construction I saw.  I have never seen so many cranes in my life.  Since my return to the US, I’ve seen only one crane in Boston.  In China, I encountered tens of them!  Probably about 50?

When people talk about how China is developing at a very fast pace, I can now totally understand and envision what they are saying.  If I come back to Shanghai in five years, I probably will not recognize many of the buildings.


Travel along with me to view the city of Shanghai!

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