Zhujiajiao – The Venice of China

October 1st, 2011 by | Country: China | No Comments »


Venturing in a big city can be exciting and fun, especially seeing all the neon lights, but sometimes I need a break and enjoy the small town life.  Nestled in middle of a landscape of construction, there is a small town about 40 minutes by taxi from the city center of Shanghai call Zhujiajiao.  It is the Venice of China.  Boats roam through the town as Chinese people paddle them in the river.


A Chinese woman can be found to be washing her clothes by the river.  Chinese people are cooking in front of people.  Lots of Chinese handicrafts can be found throughout the town, including silk qipao, shoes, pillow cases, musical instruments, fans, etc.  I purchased a pair of beautiful flats for only 60 RMB which is equivalent of 10 US dollars.

Best of all, I had the boat to myself to enjoy the ride through the canals!  Gazing at the architecture and people was an enjoyable experience.

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