Seeing Red Through My Eyes

October 3rd, 2009 by | Country: France | No Comments »

Our planet is stunningly colorful.  Soil comes in various colors including brown, red, orange, and yellow.  Provence is an example of an area on our planet where it has a bountiful variations of colors of soil.  In one city, I can encounter red soil.  In another city, I can dig up the ground and find brown soil.

Rustral, a town in the Luberon region, is rich in orange soil.  As I hiked through a “mini-canyon,” I enjoyed appreciating the color of orange by viewing my surroundings.  There were orange rocks in the shape of cones rising above the ground.  They appeared as if they were sculptures as each one of the rocks had its unique appearance.  As I walked on the rocks, I was amazed by the diversification of colors in one little rock.  It looked a puddle of paint in different hues of browns and oranges.

I took a few samples of soil in hopes of being able to create some paint.

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