I have been transformed into a dwarf

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As I stand in a room surrounded by red walls, I stare myself in a mirror and totally freaked out.  “Oh my goodness!  What happened to me!” I said to myself.  I looked obese.  My arms and legs were dramatically shorter.   My body looks like as if it has been squashed from head to toe.  I realize that I have been transformed into a dwarf.  Was there a random fairy hiding somewhere and just magically turned me into a little person?  Then I walked a few feet and faced myself in front of another mirror.  All of the sudden, I have just been completely stretched out.  I look like a piece of a rubber stick.  I’m convinced that there’s an invisible fairy transforming me into different forms.

Of course, all of this is fictional.  I was just simply looking a mirror that was constructed in curves rather than flat like any other typical mirrors we view on daily basis.  Mirrors are incredible pieces of art as they come in all kinds of forms and sizes to give us some unique views of ourselves.  For instance, when I saw myself in front of a shattered mirror, I felt as if I was seeing myself in a painting produced by Picasso.  My body appeared to be completely disoriented.


My French Modernism course attended a field trip to Musee Louis Vouland in Avignon to view the stunning show of mirrors and numerous antiques.

Viewing the antiques from the 18th century gave me a feeling as if I was traveling back in time to visit a home that was built in the 1700′s.  There was one particular bed that was filled with great admiration.  A beautiful casing over the bed had magnificent carvings.  The comfort on the bed gave me a feeling of my wanting to get in the bed and snuggle.  In another room, a clock with stunning carvings in golden color stands on a dresser and continues to tick away.  Plates with painted green leaves hangs against the green backdrop.

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