A Place Where Patients Receive Art Therapy

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A building appearing to be a house with light blue shutters nestles in middle of bountiful of trees with orange, red, and yellow leaves.  The Gallo-Roman site of Glanum is locoated not to far from there.  One would think it’s just a beautiful mansion; however, it’s a place for mentally ill people who would be provided with art therapy.  This psychiatric health institution is called “Maison de Sante St. Paul.”  Vincent Van Gogh was one of the patients who was there from May 1889 until May 1890, and it was one of the most important time of his life as an artist.  Because he was inspired by his surroundings – the countryside, he produced over 100 drawings and 150 paintings.  Like any other impressionist artists, he studied the lighting as he was intrigued by it.


This “maison” was built in 11th century as a monastery dedicated to St. Paul the apostle.  It was not until 1855 when the building became a psychiatric health institution.  Inside the building, paintings and drawings adorn the walls, and many of them appeared to be inspired by the impressionist artists.  These works were done by today’s patients.

After visiting Maison de Sante St. Paul, we headed to the town center of St. Remy, located about 20 km from Avignon, to tour the town and to have lunch together as a class.  St. Remy is just another beautiful town in Provence with antiquated buildings made of stucco with shutters in various colors.  Alphilles beautify the scene of the town.

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