Linking Provence to Paris

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In spite of Provence being located south of Paris by nine hours car drive, there is a very close connection between these two areas.  No one can miss visiting Paris if they’re visiting Provence.  First of all, one can take the speeding bullet train, TGV, from Marseilles or Avignon to Paris within 2 and a half hours – short enough to take a quick day trip or a weekend trip.

Maison à Cordeville by Vincent Van Gogh

Paris has a bountiful of museums with exhibitions featuring works from Provence.  The most prominent place is Musée d’Orsay where a good number of artists from Provence are featured such as Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cezanne, and Henri Matisse.  When I look at the paintings, in particular the impressionist paintings, I feel as if I’m living voraciously in Provence and relaxed.

Pompidou Centre has a marvelous exhibition of works featuring Provençal scenes such as l’Estaque, a painting by Georges Braque depicting a fishing town near Marseilles.

l’Estaque by Georges Braque


l'Estaque by Georges Braque

l’Estaque by Georges Braque

Most importantly, enjoy Paris as a city with a completely different lifestyle from living in the countryside!

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