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No one can miss zip-lining in the rainforest in Costa Rica.  Today, I went zip-lining on 13 lines.


Some of my most favorite moments in life are dreaming of my flying like a bird while sleeping at night.  The feeling of being able to move with the wind at a high speed, choose my own path of journey, and see the world above me is such an exhilarating experience.   Often times in my dreams, I am flying through exotic destinations.  Perhaps these dreams are a sign of longing for more travels?  I think so.  I should admit that I often get reoccurrence dreams of flying through Lacoste, France, where I studied for two semesters during my undergrad studies.  I do still long for going back to France to enjoy the serene scenes of mountains, beautiful buildings, and delicious food.  However, I have to push myself to move on and see new destinations.  I have to remind myself that there is still so much of the world out there that I haven’t seen, and I will come across many more beautiful places.


Thus, zip-lining gives me the closest real life experience of flying.  Even though I am attached to a long cord and cannot choose which path to take, I can still feel like as if I am flying along with the wind and see the world above me.  Seeing the trees above me along with mountains in the background was such a surreal experience.  Seeing the rainforest in Monteverde confirmed that there are indeed many more beautiful destinations aside from Provence.

After zip-lining through the rainforest, I walked on several canopy bridges.  While the bridges were high above the world, the experience was no where near as surreal as zip-lining.  There was no feeling of high speed and flying.  I often hear that the benefit of walking on canopy bridges is being able to see many of rainforest species as majority of them are in the tree tops.  However, I did not see any species.  I am sure if I went with a guide who has experiences in being able to spot species, I would have been able to see them.



Check out these videos of my flying through the rainforest!

AND YES! I went on the Tarzan swing!  Be aware – if you have phobias of falling, I would NOT watch it!


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