Determination comes a long way

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Several weeks ago, I posted on Twitter and Facebook asking how I can head to Llanos del Cortez Waterfall.  No one responded.


I searched online.  One offered a private driver to head there from Flamingo Beach for over 200 dollars.  Another tour group offered a day tour that included the waterfall, but a big part of the tour was climbing on this big volcano that didn’t really excite me.  The tour organization said that they didn’t know if the tour would happen because I was the only one who signed up.  So much for the low season.  Then I learned the tour was cancelled.


But I didn’t give up on searching.

I then finally found this great tour guide, a gentleman named Meme from Meme Adventures.  He had raved reviews on Trip Advisor.

I also really wanted to see the Guaitil, a town where all the Costa Rican potteries are created.  As someone who loves shopping, especially for exotic house decorations and clothing, it was very important for me to see the people behind the artisanal items and have the opportunity to purchase artisan items.  Meme mentioned on his website that he does tours to Guaitil, but didn’t mention anything about the waterfall or going to destinations that were not on his list.  So, I asked Meme if he could take me to the pottery town.  He said no problem.  Then I asked him, “Is it possible to go to Llanos del Cortez Waterfall too?”  He said, “No problem,” and gave me a great deal.

Et voila!  Thanks to Meme, this is what I got to see:


 Here is a peak in the potter town, including the process of making potteries.

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