Crossing the Border

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Since my brother is learning Spanish in school, I wanted Adam to have the opportunity to see Spain while Spain is only about 20 minutes from Biarritz/Bayonne.  So, today, we rented a car and headed to San Sebastian, the closest major town from Biarritz/Bayonne.  It’s about a good 40 minutes drive from Biarritz/Bayonne.  San Sebastian is a big shopping city and in fact, many of my French friends from Biarritz/Bayonne enjoy going for shopping in San Sebastian because the products there are cheaper than what they would buy in France.  Clothes, food, books, and even gas are cheaper in Spain.  I brought a beautiful fan for only 1 euro and 75 cents.  If I brought the exact same fan in France, it would have cost me 6 euros.  San Sebastian has great shopping stores such as Zara, a Spanish clothing store, Mango, another clothing store, and Quicksilver, a big beach clothing store.

 On top of shopping in Spain, tapas is definitely something that nobody can miss.  Tapas is a Spanish dish that can normally be found at bars.  It’s a piece of bread with random food on it.  There are varieties of kinds of tapas.  There are bread with veggie omelet, bread with broccoli and cream, bread with Spanish fish, bread with egg salad, and many more that I can name.  There are probably over 50 kinds of tapas.  We just go into a bar and find a counter flourished with tapas.  We just grab a plate and pick any tapas we want and then go to a cashier and pay for the tapas and a drink if we choose to get one.  Of course we can always pay for more tapas after finishing eating what we have purchased.  Adam enjoyed the tapas so much that he had nine total!

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