Went to Spain for a HOT pair of new shoes

August 12th, 2008 by | Country: Spain | No Comments »

Today, Maiena and I crossed the border to Spain to find a new pair of sneakers as I brought only one pair of closed-toe shoes for FOUR months and there is no way that I can get through the fall with only one pair of sneakers.  So, since shopping for clothes and other products is cheaper in Spain than in France, I went over there to find a new pair of sneakers.  I totally hit the spot BIG TIME!  I went to a shoe store, and they had an incredible collection of sneakers.  The first thing that I searched for was a CHEAPEST pair of shoes.  There was ONE pair of shoes in the ENTIRE store that was ON SALE from 75 euros to 45 euros, and it was the ONLY size that they had AND the LAST pair that they had.  Well…I tried on the shoe and it was MY size.  ALSO…it was in TURQUOISE!  MY favorite color!  I sure did buy them in a heart beat!

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