Evening at the Beach

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There are always so much to do in the evenings in Europe ranging from attending concerts and markets to hanging out at parties.

We all headed out to a pizzeria place for some delcious pizza.  Pizza in Italy are extremely tasty as Italy’s known for its rich tomatos and mozzerellas.  I just got a plain simple margerita pizza which was more than enough for me as I needed to taste the rich tomatos and mozzerella.  It was sure tasty.  Pizzas are definitely not worth missing in Italy!

After eating, we browsed at the markets where they have lots of cool junkies such as jewelry, purses, scarves, and toys.  Europe is always filled with wonderful markets, and they’re always fun to go as I always find something that I may not find in the store as they’re selling specialities, antiques, and unique and artsy handmade products.

Nobody can miss out the delicious gelatos Italy.  These ice cream are as creamy as they can be, and the flavors are disgustingly rich.  We all went to a gelato place where it was filled with many flavors that I have never seen before.  So, I had so many new flavor choices to try.  I just got a tiramisu flavor and a cream flavor.

As we continued to walk, Jodi’s 11 year-old son, Jordan, asked me to hold his hand, and we did hold each other’s hands…

Jodi cracked up hysterically…


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