Visiting Italian Grandparents’ Home

August 17th, 2008 by | Country: Italy | No Comments »


Learning about one country’s lifestyle is even more immeasureable when I visit a native’s home because I have the opportunity to learn about how the natives live their life.  Tonight I had the opportunity to visit Luca’s parents for dinner.  His mother is a real Italian chef who made true Italian dishes.  One thing I learned tonight that I did not know in the past is that Italians normally eat pasta twice a day, lunch and dinner.  Unbelievable! That would certainly make my sister, Jessica, very happy.  I had two different types of pasta tonight.  I had Bolongais Pasta and another type of pasta that had olive oil with fish.  They were both very good.  Bolongais Pasta has tomato sause with ground beef.  I also had chicken and Italy’s well-known dish, Caprese.  Caprese is a type of salade that is consisted of tomatos and mozzerella with olive oil.  It’s absolutely delicious, especially the tomatos which taste nothing compared to US.

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