Visiting the center of Grosseto

August 18th, 2008 by | Country: Italy | No Comments »

Visiting little towns in Europe is always fascinating because I get to see the true life of the natives rather than just a basket full of tourists photographing.  I went to the center of Grosseto which was a neat little town.  Just like any towns, there is a beautiful Italian gothic cathedral in the center.  The Italian gothic cathedrals and churches are magnificent and they look like cake castles.  Not kidding.  The facade is made of marble and the colors are very light such as white, light pink, and light green.  The architectural style in this town was not surprising.  There were quite a few archades, lots of rounded arches on the buildings, and also a few pointed arches.  Rounded arches is a very common architectural design in Italy.


The biggest thing that I noticed in the center of Grosseto was that a lot of people were riding bikes.  It seemed to me that bikes is a big means of transportation in the town.  It’s terrific because it’s a great exercise for the person, and it’s also very energy efficient.  The town just had some clothing shops, convenient stores, bars, and boutiques.  They just had mostly essential stores for the residences.

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