He’s judging only by the book cover

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There are always morals and lessons when I travel abroad.  The lessons and morals that I receive while traveling abroad are not only learning about cultural differences, but also life in general.  When I get on the plane to head to Europe, it’s like opening a new book to read and I’m ready to live for new and more adventures.  The experiences can be wonderful, but it can also be unpleasant.  On my first trip to France, I learned that lifestyles are very different from one country to another.  On my second trip to France, I learned a great deal about World War II from my French Friends and began to appreciate the history of Judaism more, learned to appreciate family times such as dinner times, and learned to live the life everyday when you have to deal with a medical condition.  On my third trip to Europe, I learned to deal with riots in action and handle anti-Americanism.  On my first trip to Israel, I learned to take the words from the newspapers with a grain of salt as images of Israel that I saw in the newspapers were no comparison to what I saw when I was on the soil.  On my winter trip to France for a volunteer program, I learned to handle unexpected experiences and to take trains.  These are just a few of the experiences that have helped me grow up and become stronger.

As I was talking to Luca one day, I gave him an analogy: living through unpleasant experiences is like an immune system attacking the sick cells.  Children get sick more often because their immune system is weaker, but their immune system becomes stronger every time they get sick and as they grow.  So, when they’re adults, they don’t get sick as often as the little kids.  So, we live through unpleasant experiences, learn from them, grow and become stronger.

Meeting the Italian guy at the beach was a wreck, but I’m trying to live with a positive attitude.  All I can say is that I learned a great deal from my experiences and know how to prepare myself better in the future, as Luca advised to me.

The guy showed up at the beach with his friend, and I have to admit that I was not thrilled, as I had no interest in that guy.  Anyways, we went into the water.  I was actually delighted to be in the water as it was very HOT outside, and I seriously needed to cool off myself.  So, anyways, I was just swimming and enjoying myself and trying to act like I had no interest in that guy.  About half hour later, an unexpected turmoil occurred.  The guy hugged me and kissed me.  About a minute later, I pushed the guy slightly.   Since he had no understanding of English, I pointed to myself and said, “I want to…” and then moved my arms as if I’m swimming, “swim.”  Then, I went out and swam on my own.  My goodness!  “What was that guy?,” I thought to myself, “Are you living in Romeo and Juliet adventures or Disney Princess adventures?”    I don’t believe in judging by book covers.  I believe in opening up the book and reading the story. 

Apparently, many European guys are not believers of opening up the book.  One of my French friends has been telling me since we’ve known each other that French people just “do it suddenly.”  They fall in love too fast.  Well, I experienced exactly what my French friend has been telling me during all those years that we’ve known each other.  I lived through it, and next time, I will be prepared by being stronger by pushing any idiots who fall-in-love-too-fast off of me and yelling at him “F#$% off.” 

This guy was a good-looking guy, but I’m not so sure about his mind…

Actually, I would say that his mind is very stupid because he did not take the time to open the book fully.

His heart will be broken big time, and who cares?  He deserves it…

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