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A building appearing to be a house with light blue shutters nestles in middle of bountiful of trees with orange, red, and yellow leaves.  The Gallo-Roman site of Glanum is locoated not to far from there.  One would think it’s just a beautiful mansion; however, it’s a place for mentally ill people who would be […]

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As I stand by a terrace in Lacoste where I’m currently living for two months, I gaze at the countryside which is filled with gems.  A village across from Lacoste, Bonnieux, appears to look like a cruise as the lights twinkling like stars form a shape of a ship.  Cars roaming through the roads create […]

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Fall is my most favorite season.  Not only I enjoy the cool breeze, but also viewing leaves in various colors on the trees.  As I was heading to a field trip destination with my art history course last Thursday, I was amazed by the endless number of trees lining up on a road just outside […]

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Viewing major tourist attraction sites are not all about just taking a quick glance at it and snap a photo in order to brag to your family and friends that you’ve visited this particular site.  Visiting the sites is about admiring what makes them so special and also having the ability to walk around see […]

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One would envision that ancient Roman architecture only exists in Rome.  That is not the case.  Romans sure did conquer many parts of Europe including France where we can find a Roman amphitheater known as Arena of Nimes built by the Romans around 70 A.D. in Nimes. This arena that seats 22,000 spectators, was built […]

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A few days ago, I suggested my art history professor to visit one of the most spectacular village in the Luberon region where we can see paper being made through machines from hundreds of years ago rather than seeing an ordinary cathedral in another village. As we drove through the Luberon region, we followed the […]

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As I stand in a room surrounded by red walls, I stare myself in a mirror and totally freaked out.  “Oh my goodness!  What happened to me!” I said to myself.  I looked obese.  My arms and legs were dramatically shorter.   My body looks like as if it has been squashed from head to […]

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On a cool Sunday morning, the sun was shinning so bright that it was scintillating one of the most beautiful rivers in the world, la Sorgue.  As I paddle as fast as I could down the river with two other paddlers in my boat, the breeze races in the opposite direction.  The muscles in my […]

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Our planet is stunningly colorful.  Soil comes in various colors including brown, red, orange, and yellow.  Provence is an example of an area on our planet where it has a bountiful variations of colors of soil.  In one city, I can encounter red soil.  In another city, I can dig up the ground and find […]

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Provence is filled with incredible charms.  One of the best charms is being in a surrounding where one can appreciate nature.  One sunny day, I headed down the mountain to a field of vineyards and plants.  I always find vineyards to be an art of a landscape.  The vines are perfectly lined up in rows, […]