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After Jodi’s 15 days trip to Ireland and my traveling all over Europe in the past three weeks, we definitely needed a rest big time.  So, the whole family and I went to the beach that is about 15 minutes from their home for the entire afternoon and evening.  The beach in Grosetto is not much different […]

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Sometimes when I attend events or do something, it brings back my memories of something.  When I was about 11 or 12 years old, I used to be a big nutcake fan of playing a card game, poker, with my brother, and my friends at recess.  We would use our coins as a way to play […]

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I just wanted to inform you all that I just posted most of the blog entries from this past two weeks.  I have A LOT of photos to upload and a few more blog posts to do.  So, I will let you know when I complete them.  For now, please feel free to check out what […]

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Today was some kind of a random holiday in Italy.  I will ask Jodi again what it was as I forgot and will post it as soon as I can. Anyways, Jodi, her family, and I went up to the mountains and had an ENORMOUS lunch with her friends.  I had Bolognia Pasta, sausage, tiramasu, […]

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Oh my goodness!  That is all I can say! GOOD TIMES!  GREAT VIBRATION! That is all I can say! The incredibly long train ride was beyond spectacular!  Anybody who dies hard to visit the area where the newest movie, Mamma Mia, was filmed, this train ride is definitely a worthwhile – BIG TIME.  Even though […]

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Ok.  Just dropping by a quick note as I’m exhausted from 24 hours train ride!  I had NO internet access for the past week and so, that’s why I haven’t been blogging.  Well, actually, I have  been blogging, but I just need to upload my entries from my WORD document.  So, please look forward to a […]

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It’s 4:30 AM in the morning and the sun is just peaking above the ocean. The wonderful cool breeze makes my hair float in the air. I feel like I am flying in a high speed. Water splashes on all over me. As the sun peaks above the ocean, the sky glistens in pink and […]

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Venice hearts in their specialty in glasswork, known as Murano glass. On another island, across from Venice, is Murano island. This island is an industry in making glass artwork. This island is no different from Venice in architectural design and urban layout. The buildings are just as charming as the buildings in Venice, and there […]

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Everywhere I go, there are large crowds of people. I always felt like I squashed into a little space when I walk through the Piazza San Marco and through the narrow alleys. I hear more English than Italian. I see more Americans and other races than Italian. Just a day after I arrive in Venice, […]

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When I first stepped on a small plantation, I immediately noticed a building that looked very familiar. It had ionic columns and a triangular pediment. The whole front reminded me of another famous building in United States, the White House. The White House was inspired by this building, and the White House is a neoclassical […]